crafting in the new year

Lovely embroidery supplies won on September House's blog.

With the new year, comes new crafting projects.  Here's what's currently on my workbench:

>> Little forest quilt by Lovely Design (posted on Purl Bee)

>>Ruffly headband by Heart of Light

And here are some of the other projects on my to-try list:

>>Pom poms by bleubird (I've already made one pom pom from red yarn, and I love it.)

>>Yo-yo wreath by TrueUp

>>Argyle ornament by September House

>>Fabric pom poms from Once Wed


  1. Cute tutorials! I love love love the argyle ornament!

  2. I love the tree quilt! I think I'll definitely add it to my ever-expanding list of projects that I want to start/finish. :)

  3. AJ: I know! I think the ornament is super cute.

    Dianne: The tree quilt is super small and easy to put together; I definitely recommend adding it to your list of projects. I'll be sure to send you pics when it's done. :)


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