selection of google reader favorites: rainbow

I'm back from Vermont (where I, among many other things, made an embroidered potholder for my grandmother for her eightieth birthday, stitched up a scarf using pieces of voile from Anna Maria Horner's amazing Little Folks line, and received a lovely new print for our new apartment), but we're now jetting off to DC for the weekend to explore and hopefully find a place to live (!). Crafty updates will have to wait, but in the meantime, here are some colorful, recently starred items from the good ol' Google Reader:

Amazing paintbox floor pillow by Holly at stitch/craft


  1. ah, don't you just love the pin pals' packaging? so freakin cute!

    have fun in DC and good luck finding a place! hit up that FREE natural history museum for me!

  2. Hey Cait,
    It was so great to see you while you were home! Can't wait to see you and Jim more often now that you'll be on the east coast. Also, glad to see you snagged that print--so beautiful!
    The boy is visiting this weekend, so I will be in NYC and not DC. Good luck finding a place--can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Thanks, Kristen!

    So good to see you too, Dianne! We'll have to meet up sometime soon!


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