twin quilts

At the end of April, I became a proud, first-time aunt to beautiful twin boys. One of the best things about being an aunt, is having the chance to make lots of handmade things for my nephews; however, since they live in Japan, I have to spoil them from afar.

To celebrate their arrival, I made each of them a quilt. For the first quilt, I made yellow and gray half-square triangles using some of my favorite prints, and laid them out in a manner similar to my Prismatic quilt.

For the second quilt, I did scattered green plus signs, using Jeni's tutorial as a starting point. I included lots of fun prints, including some Alexander Henry cars, Ed Emberley elephants, and Heather Ross horses.

I loved making these quilts and can not wait to meet the boys they were made for---hopefully that will happen this fall!


  1. Congratulations on being an aunt! It's extra fun for crafty types like us - small things are so fun to make.

    Also, I know you've been blogging old stuff, but - Girl, you are PROLIFIC lately! All these gorgeous quilts!

  2. It's so nice to have different yet complimentary quilts for the twins. I like all the texture the yellows have.


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