hourglass mini quilt

When I first spotted this Amish hourglass quilt from the Esprit Quilt Collection on Pinterest six months ago, I was immediately smitten. I returned to the image over and over again, so when I was in between projects a few weeks ago, I decided to finally create a mini interpretation of the original.

The quilt's size was dictated by the amount of dark charcoal gray fabric I had in my stash (which first appeared in this gingham quilt I made in 2012), and as a result, the small top came together quickly---a very satisfying finish! I backed the quilt with a colorful Lizzy House print I picked up from Grey's Fabric in Boston, and machine bound it with subtly patterned gray print by Carolyn Friedlander.

Inspired, I've returned to reading my copy of Amish Quilts by Janneken Smucker, wanting to learn more about the history of quilts within the Amish community. I'm also very excited to explore this particular quilt design more, and have plans for larger versions in other colors.

This quilt is now available in the shop.

Quilt Stats
Finished dimensions: 18" x 18"
Fabrics used include: Striped Etching in Ash from Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander; Cat Dream in White from Catnap by Lizzy House.
Quilt design: Based on an hourglass Amish quilt from the Esprit Quilt Collection


  1. So striking in its simplicity. I like it alot!

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see your other interpretations.

  3. Also: would this work as a "cheater" whole-cloth quilt?

  4. Gorgeous mini! I can see this piece being an inspiration every time you look at it! I love amish quilts and have wanted to pull from that and make my own version! Well done!

  5. It looks quite striking and will lend itself well to a larger size just as you said.


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