quilting project: lexi's quilt

My husband's cousin recently gave birth to a baby girl--Lexi--so I decided to make her a quilt. 
I used scrap materials I had in my sewing room to make the top, and purchased the yellow-polka-dot backing and lavender binding.

To make the quilt, I used a combination of three different tutorials. The top came from here, the directions on how to make a quilt sandwich and machine quilt came from here, and steps on how to do binding came from here. The binding is hand-sewn on the back and the finished quilt is about 28" x 28".

I also made a rather clumsy attempt to embroider the quilt with Lexi's name, my name, and the date. I'll have to work on improving my embroidery skills...

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  1. Caitlin,

    This quilt is beautiful! The colors are so
    interesting and attractive together. I heard from Molly that it is a treasure. I'm sure Lexi will appreciate your design and effort for years to come.



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