The husband and I recently spent an extended weekend in Seattle, a city that neither of us have been to before. We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Belltown (highly recommended!), which turned out to be a perfect location for us; we were within walking distance of most downtown sites.

The hotel is in a former halfway house, and has been beautifully renovated. One of the walls in our room was plastered with the Obey Giant image by Shepard Fairey

On the Sunday of our trip, we took part in the Chocolate Indulgence Tour, organized by Savor Seattle. First, we drank a Flatliner at Oliver's Lounge in the Mayflower Park Hotel.

Next, we sampled the Triple Coconut Cream Pie...

...and the Chocolate Truffle Cookie...

...at Dahlia Bakery, one of many joints in town owned by restaurateur Tom Douglas. Then it was off to The Chocolate Box, where we sampled a chocolate-enrobed brownie...

...a chocolate cupcake...

...and chocolate and lemon gelato.

Our next stop was The Confectional, which was located in the Pike Place Market. There, we sampled cheesecake...

...and warm and yummy sipping chocolate.

We then sampled some of the sweet popcorn at KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn...

...before heading to Fran's Chocolates in the Four Seasons Hotel, where we picked up some samples, including salted caramels, which my husband fell in love with.

Other activities during our trip included a haircut at Rudy's, a cupcake from Cupcake Royale, a ride on the monorail to the Experience Music Project, two meals at Belltown Pizza (it was that good!), shopping at crafty places like Assemble Gallery and Studio, Schmancy, Fancy, and Nancy, late night dessert at Serious Pie, a fun trip to the Asian grocery and gift store Uwajimaya in the International District, a delicious dinner at Black Bottle, and lots and lots of walking. 

We left the city wanting to do more (like ride the ferry and check out the neighboring islands and drive to Mount Rainier), so we'll definitely go back for another visit (hopefully at the same time as the Urban Craft Uprising!).


  1. This sounds like an excellent idea for a trip, but those chocolate sample pictures makes me really jealous!

  2. Sara, if you ever make it to Seattle, you should definitely take the tour!

  3. i am SO headed to Seattle for the chocolate tour!!! sounds like you had a nice time...

  4. Beth, you should totally take the tour if you have the chance. Seattle is a great city!

  5. Hey Caitlin, just now saw this post (I'm skimming thru the hundreds of unread posts in my google reader), but glad you had a nice time in Seattle! Sounds like you made it to lots of the best spots. I soooo miss Belltown Pizza; we used to eat there all the time! If you do go back, do try to make it during UCU; it's awesome!

  6. Beth, we definitely had a great time in Seattle. Belltown Pizza was literally across the street from our hotel. There's been discussion of heading back to the city this summer, at the same time as UCU. Fingers crossed!


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