embroidery project: sparrow

For a dear friend's birthday last week, I stitched up one of Jenny Hart's bluebirds (the transfer is available in Embroidered Effects). The pattern reminded me a lot of the sparrow necklace that my friend often wears, so I knew it was the perfect motif for her gift.

Inspired by my friend's living room, which is filled with yellow accents, I used gray embroidery floss and a vintage yellow napkin that my mom sent to me after cleaning out one of her linen drawers. I used a chain stitch for the entire piece.


  1. That is lovely, your friend is very lucky to recieve such a sweet gift.

  2. that's so sweet, and a great gift!!

    what's the story behind the other hoop; with the button?

  3. Hey, amndad! That's actually the back of the work. I finish all of my embroidery pieces using this tutorial: http://maximumrabbitdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-frame-your-embroidery-in-hoop.html

    The button is my "signature"; it has "salty // oat" engraved on it. Here are some detail shots of the buttons: http://saltyoat.blogspot.com/2009/12/salty-oat-buttons.html

  4. love this piece - i use vintage napkins to embroider on too - so lovely and soft and i've found some fantastic colours too.

  5. Thanks, Vintage Violet! I love using vintage napkins, especially when they're ones that I wouldn't otherwise use on the table.

  6. beautiful work, Caitlin! i really like the way you finish off the backs of your pieces, too. and those engraved buttons are so adorable & a genius idea! you always amaze. : )


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