latest thrifting find: floral laundry hamper

While waiting for our things to arrive (the movers are scheduled to come tomorrow--woo-hoo!), I've been busy exploring our new surroundings and scoping out the thrift stores in the area. Though I have yet to find one with a selection of craft supplies to rival Austin's Thrift House, I have managed to find a few places that stock some great vintage items at very reasonable prices.

Yesterday, I picked up this vintage floral laundry hamper for $6 from The Pennyworth Shop in downtown Silver Spring. I plan on using it in my studio to store all of my quilt batting and fiberfill.

Once the sun comes back out again (it's currently storming here), I'll take pictures of my finds from today--including a bedside table, juice glasses, and a heap of matching vintage floral sheets.


  1. This is an awesome find! I have been looking for something similar to replace our plastic, tupperware brand hamper in an other-wise mid century modern bedroom.

  2. Thanks, Katie! It reminds me of something you'd see in Sally Draper's bedroom. I actually saw it on Tuesday, didn't buy it, couldn't stop thinking about it, and went back on Wednesday to get it--and thankfully it was still there! I'm really excited about using it.

  3. that is amazing!! i love it. :)

  4. that hamper is killer. i love it. So perfect for batting =)


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