modern crosses quilt

A much-deserved house-warming gift for my parents:

{Made entirely from fabrics--new, vintage, and thrifted--in my stash (so proud!), using the pattern featured on the cover of the excellent Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal. A few more photos of my quilt can be seen on the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild's Flickr page, here and here.}


  1. Caitlin. This. is. gorgeous. Wow, really beautiful. Your parents must be loving it. Also, I didn't know you were working for Spoonflower! That's awesome! And I'm going to say it again, this is gorgeous.

  2. I love that quilt! I have been thinking about buying that book for a while--you may have convinced me! I hope the walk was a great success this weekend (I realized I'm a little behind on my blog-reading). Hope we can catch up soon!


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