settling in

Thanks to my mom's help on a recent visit, things are actually now hanging on the walls in our house.

Photo and prints all in black frames.

Mirror above the hall shelf. 

 Modified chalkboard which now holds spools of thread.

Embroidery hoops.

Noah's Ark crewelwork, finally framed (and first blogged about here).

P.S. My Etsy shop is back open! I'm hard at work making new quilts and things for the shop, and my new business partner, Anna, is hard at work listing everything. To celebrate, we're offering a coupon: use the code "FREESHIP" for free shipping through Sunday, February 12! 


  1. Caitlin, what a happy post. :) I love your little embroidery hoop wall, and I'm so excited that your etsy shop is back open! It seems like things in NC are really working out. :)

    1. Thanks, Katie! Yes, NC is turning out to be a great place for us. It sounds like the same thing is true for you and Vermont!

  2. Congratulations! Everything looks great :)

    1. Thanks, Kait! You'll have to come by and see everything!


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