a custom half-square triangle quilt

Prior to our departure from North Carolina, a dear Spoonflower coworker commissioned me to make a quilt for her and her husband. She provided me with a few fabrics from her travels to Japan and San Francisco---a navy floral, a mustard polka dot twill, and a blue-and-white ditsy floral---and expressed a love of triangles. My friend is a computer engineer, so when it came to the quilt's design, it was no surprise that she included the code-generated quilts of Libs Elliott (such amazing work!) in her list of inspiration quilts.

Inspired by Libs' designs, I created half-square triangles in two different finished sizes---5" and 10"---and stuck them up on my design wall, constantly rearranging as I went along, until I had a composition I was happy with. In addition to the fabrics my friend provided, I added in a few pink prints, a Leah Duncan print that happened to coordinate beautifully with the palette, and a large navy cross-hatch which I used for the binding.

For the backing, I used large, leftover pieces of the original fabric, along with a few extra half-square triangles. You can spot a few in-progress shots of the quilt over on Instagram, as I worked on the cross-hatch quilting and then added a leather Salty Oat label.

The quilt is now back in North Carolina, at home with its new owners, to whom I am so grateful for the commission and the fun design challenge!

Quilt Stats
Finished dimensions: 60" x 60"
Fabrics used include: Mojave Illuminated by Leah Duncan; Glimma Crosshatch by Lotta Jansdotter; Pink Paint and Pink Dot from Picnic Pals by Penguin and Fish
Quilt pattern: original by Salty Oat (me!)


  1. Thank you so much for this quilt! We will treasure it for the years to come.

  2. I love this quilt so much! I found it on pinterest and would love to make something similar to it for my own home. I've been looking for a good pattern forever, but nothing has spoken to me like this one has.

    That being said, I've never made my own pattern before with quilting. Do you have any tips for recreating the feeling of this quilt on my own? Or do you sell patterns?

    1. Hi, Kamahi! Thank you for the kind words! There is not a pattern for this quilt, but it is simply made up of two sizes of half square triangles, which I arranged (and rearranged!) until I had a composition I liked. Good luck with your quilt!

  3. Oh my gosh am I ever excited to find you! My niece asked me to make her a quilt and found a picture of this quilt on Pinterest but we couldn't find who the original creator was. I just finished a version of this using a lot of Cotton + Steel for her and blogged about it at https://texasquilting.org/2016/08/05/modern-quilt-completed/ . Please let me know if I can compensate you for the pattern.


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