embroidery project: chandelier

As an early Christmas present, I received a copy of Jenny Hart's latest book, Embroidered Effects. I hadn't done any embroidery up until that point (November), so I read the book cover to cover and practiced all of the stitches. The book includes lots of neat transfers, so for my very first embroidery project, I decided to stitch a chandelier.

The design was super easy to stitch (I did most of the stitching while sitting on a plane) and features lots of French knots. I stitched the design all in blue, and following Jenny's suggestion, I added a gold sequin to the main droplet hanging from the chandelier. 

I was finally able to frame the piece a few weeks ago using this simple tutorial and a scrap of floral fabric.


  1. This is so cute! I have that book but haven't used any of the patterns yet. Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks for linking to that tutorial on finishing! It's going to come in handy for our swap!! :)

  2. Thanks, Beth!

    Adaiha, you should definitely try out some of the transfers in the book. There are lots of cute patterns. I'll be sending out your swap gift on Monday, after I've had a chance to photograph it. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. hey that worked out great - thank-you for linking to my tutorial :o)


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