wedding project: quilt

Before our wedding last August, I collected fabric from some of our wedding guests. In the months leading up to the big day, I cut the fabric into isosceles triangles using pinking shears, and sewed the triangles together to create simple bunting to decorate our venue, the Richards Free Library in Newport, NH.

On the day of our wedding, we strung the bunting up in the library's ballroom, where we held our ceremony, and around the tables of pie and lasagna at our reception in the Library Arts Center.

After the wedding, I started work on a wedding quilt, made up of all of the triangles from the bunting. The quilt came together rather quickly (if you don't count the time I spent ripping out a few seams...), and is an eclectic mix of colors, thanks to the variety of fabric we received.

Being the first quilt I've ever done on my own, it has some wobbly and uneven seams, and is a slightly odd, longish shape, but I'm happy with how it turned out. It now resides in our living room and is a nice daily reminder of a memorable day.


  1. wow... that is so fantastic! my bff is getting married this fall and has requested bunting at the wedding... this might be a really cool post-wedding gift idea for her!

    I've never quilted before, though... any tips?

  2. what a wonderful idea! I have been wanting to make a quilt for my daughter but I'm intimidated by the idea and haven't bought any fabrics for fear they will never be used. Now I am going to start picking up bits of favourite prints and use these along with old clothing and receiving blankets of hers to make bunting for birthday celebrations and then someday make this bunting quilt - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. That's so great!! My husbands grandma used the cotton fall colored table cloths from our reception and made us a quilt. She requested the fabric saying that her quilting group could always use it. Then a surprise package came!

  4. I love your quilt and the story behind it!! :)

  5. This is so beautiful, Caitlin! A lovely idea, finely executed, as your stuff always is! Congrats on it being re-posted on Craft! woot!

  6. Beautiful idea! I've been wanting to start quilting for some time now, so I might just have to borrow this idea for my own wedding coming up. Thanks for the post!!

  7. Thanks, Aunt Beth!

    Kristen, there are some links in these two posts that might help you get started: http://saltyoat.blogspot.com/2009/10/quilting-project-lexis-quilt.html and http://saltyoat.blogspot.com/2010/01/quilting-project-pieced-scrap-border.html

    Margo, don't be intimidated! Handmade quilts, especially the ones with mistakes, are the best! I'm sure your daughter will love whatever you make.

    Stephanie, what a great surprise! A friend of ours made us a quilt as our wedding present, and it was one of our most favorite gifts.

    Thanks, Adaiha!

    Aw, thanks for your sweet compliment, Beth! I was honored to have my project appear on Craft.

    Kajin, I hope you can do something similar for your own wedding! Send me pictures if you do!

  8. I heard about your site and this post from Cynthia, of Cat Song Stitchery. Love this banner/quilt idea. Very cute.


  9. That's so awesome! I actually make bunting and quilt and am getting married in less then a month. I'm planning on having people sign fabric with a fabric marker instead of signing a guest book. This I'm going to use the signed pieces and scraps from the bridesmaids dresses we're making to make a quilt!

  10. Thanks for stopping by, SewCalGal!

    A glance at my world, congratulations! It sounds like you have some great projects planned! Good luck!

  11. This is such an amazing idea!

  12. Wow. This is great. I had no idea you quilted.
    Good for you!

  13. Thanks, Vicky Berg! I'm definitely still learning as I go, but it's been a lot of fun. Do you ever quilt?

  14. Take the idea one step further and have plain swatches that you can get the guests to sign.
    Use a washable pencil or pen to make a line in the block to show them where to sign so that you don't loose any of the signature in your seem allowance!
    Don't mind the not perfect seems that's what makes it special and home made!

  15. Que ideia fantástica....e significativa!
    Fantastic idea .... and meaningful!


  16. I LOVE this! Great job and great idea!

  17. Love the quilt, and even more, I love that you got married in a library. That's pretty much the coolest venue ever. :)


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