noah's ark

During a recent thrifting excursion, I fell in love with this fluorescent crewelwork Noah's ark and snatched it up for the excellent price of $2.50.

Lovely giraffes set against a beautifully stitched green and blue roof.

Some friends for Curtis.

The stitching is pretty amazing (I love the clouds and the elephants!) and I now need to decide how to frame the piece. Stretcher or frame? Any tips or suggestions?


  1. OMG! that is the CUTEST thing!

  2. You are not going to believe this- that exact same piece (framed) is in an antique mall in the town where I get my hair cut!! I look at it every single time I go in there!

  3. Thanks, Beth!

    Angela, I'm actually not surprised! I think it was a kit, so I'm sure there are lots of them out there. :)

  4. awesome thrift store find! i love this kind of thing. the clouds are super-cool. and those fat little elephants are KILLin' me! i would just frame it; doesn't seem like you have a lot of extra fabric to put around stretcher bars - might be kinda difficult. You could also make an adorable pillow with it if you used another piece for the back of the case.


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