sewing project: fern-stitch napkins + train tote

For my sister-in-law's June birthday, I sent her a package filled with cupcake-making supplies and some handmade goodies, including a set of four hand-embroidered napkins with a fern-stitch border. (I sold a teal pair in my shop not too long ago.)

I wrapped everything up in a little tote I made a few years ago from some amazing train fabric found in my mom's stash.

The tote was lined with pink polka dot fabric, which was also used for the handles, and I sewed coordinating green buttons at the base of each of the handles.


  1. I love the tote. The colors are perfect, and I love the idea of a "boyish" outside with a "girly" inside!

  2. That's funny, Katie. I hadn't thought about the juxtaposition of "boy" and "girl" fabrics!

  3. I love Mom stashes. They are creative treasure hunts!

  4. Phoenix Peacock, yes, mom stashes are the best!

    Thanks, AJ!


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